About Allumellu Event Management (opc) Pvt. Ltd(Innovate). Dpt of AEM Conferences– Give Life to Your Research It’s a special opportunity to be able to meet face to face with individuals from diversified backgrounds where one can both learn and teach business principles and interact with those who have exceptional research creativity and insight. “AEM Conferences” main aim is to provide a platform for networking that provides research opportunities for scientists, business opportunities for entrepreneurs and job/research experience opportunities for students as well as to promote discussions to improve world health through unique technology and creative scientific discovery. Our conferences provide the opportunity for direct communication between young researchers and highly established academicians and business leaders who are working in the broad field of biomedical research, with the goal of improving human health and wellbeing.

At AEM events, you will be stimulated by discussions and presentations that focus on research, business strategies, current innovation and the latest technologies that are being applied to biomedical research. AEM hopes to open doors to reach the world research community through exhibitions and sponsors that promote business-research interactions and possible collaborations. AEM has built a reputation for organizing inspirational and productive conferences and managing them flawlessly. We work hard to achieve this goal and our success is due to the dynamics of a team who are down-to-earth, open-minded and consider the goals of our company to be consistent with their values of wanting to contribute to improving health around the world.

“Allumellu Event Management (opc) Pvt. Ltd. Dpt of AEM Conferences” is a young company, with the goal of becoming fully established in Japan, Australia, and the USA. AEM staff members can help your organization plan and hold meetings as we can offer forecasts of attendance and exhibitor participation, strategies that will make conferences attractive to potential attendees and practices to ensure the financial success of your meeting. Whether the meeting is large or small, we will help you attract members of the business community, educators/academicians, and entrepreneurs from around the Globe who are the leaders in your field.

The must-­attend events will bring together and establish connections between individuals seeking fresh insight, novel concepts, new approaches for implementation and creative directions based on scientific discoveries, in order to take basic research ideas and results into true clinical applications.

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8XX NW 108th Ave,
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GHB, Kothagudem,
Telengana, 507101

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Pragatinagar, Kothagudem,
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